minee 3   From left to right, cherry red, yellow, lilac snow. 





Visualization representationWhen you set timer for 1 minute for your child,
the way exsisting timers express 1 minute
gives pressure and anxiety
because the color only cover 1/60 of the timer,
which is very small for kids
who do not understand the concept of time yet. 





 You can specify your own time interval,

such as 25 minutes of concentration and 5 minutes of rest.
 You can set a pair of times repeatedly up to nine times in total.



It's 4cm thick and you can carry it anywhere. 


Easily and quickly operate the timer itself.
View the display and set the time.
Slide the switch up and down to turn it on and off every day.
Support USB Type-C for charging. 
Record cumulative usage time.
You can also reset it.
Record cumulative usage time.
You can also reconfigure it.
Press left and right buttons at the same time to enter Total Usage mode.
TOTAL icon on the display will light up.
Total 1 can be recorded until 99:59(100h).
It is suitable for weekly and daily usage measurements.
Press and hold for 5 seconds to reset record (00:00).
Press the top button to switch to Total 2.
You can see the total usage hour so far.
It can be accumulated up to 9999 hours
in total. Minutes are not expressed on display.
It cannot be reset. 
If there is no input for 3 seconds,
timer will automatically
switch to standby mode.
It can be used for 7 days on a single charge!
Made carefully like a colorful macaroons.
mineetimer produces
silkscreen color boards to express
the original colors of analog sensibility.

When homeschooling / When working out



Recommended application

When you need to concentrate, when you need patience, when you need to form habits (study, business, exercise, etc.)


Diameter 10cm(3.9in), Thickness 4cm(1.5in)





Place of origin


Time setting range

0.5minute to 1440 minutes (24 hours)

Time setting

Setting on the device itself

Interval functionality


Usage record


Operating sound

No noise (No ticking sounds at all)

Charging system

USB Type-C Charging


Aqua Mint, Yellow, Lilac Snow, Indie Pink, Pastel Marine, Cocoa Beige, Cherry Red