There are many different timers in the world, but there is only one timer
made with philosophy.

Timers only measure time, but minee envision your goal.

minee's unique ‘Full Moon’ design face always fills one full lap no matter what time you set, which helps you envision your goal clearly.
Whether the time you set is short or long, it’s important to start and end at the same point, because the ‘Full Moon’ means the entire goal you set.


minee is changing the standard of visual timers.

Why timers should have 60 minutes’ clock face?

Shouldn't we think differently
if the standard that everyone takes for granted doesn't fit us? 

There are rules in the things with order.
But you often can't see the essence properly
because you are bound by the framework.

minee boldly removed the number and scale in the face. Then only the essence of time has left and the limit of 60 minutes has disappeared.

It is more important to set a plan with your own, not according to external standards.

Don't compare yourself with others,
but compare yourself to who you were yesterday, and find your own pace.  

That experience will surprise you every day, and over time it will change you.


We work for those
who decide to change.

We want to convey the value of "time"
that creates good habits and energy,
not just selling timer functions.

The time spent by one person
becomes the essence of the person.
Time doesn't go by,
but it builds up as time goes by.
Fill your identity with minee.

melike co., Ltd