Just as the North Star
in the dark night sky tells you
where you are, the moon tells
where you at in your day.

Until the moon disappears,
minee is going to be your guide of time
to make your day more valuable.


Turn off the alarm, put on slippers, and have a cup of water?
There are many ways
to wake up a hazy mind.

When you wake up in the morning,
press minee to start the day.

Meet the Special Edition
'Time Milestones'

that awaken your willingness
to make a good day.

Because you can see the time flow of the day at a glance,
it changes every moment of your time into a awaken life.


It's time to get ready for tomorrow.
How about writing a diary to look back on your day?
You have done it well today. Pat Pat!



Minee timer, created for people who believe they will change,
wants to talk about balanced life and long-term growth habits
rather than instantaneous concentration.