timer 4_ time patterns

Can I use it for multiple goals with one timer?

By using Timer 4, you can focus on your tasks efficiently, save time, and spend time doing things that you like more meaningful. To balance your life, you want to reduce the confusion of using your time. Therefore, we recommend using one timer to achieve one goal. This will be explained in detail through images.To do this, we need to separate the two concepts. Goal means one achievement that I want to achieve. And I will apply the way to achieve the goal to the timer.For example, it saves time setting or time setting properties that fit the subject. If you use it often, My time will pattern it and give you a title. In other words, My time means the time property that I often use.

Let's assume that there are two goals.
Study (Raise your math score by 20 points)
Health (10% lower body fat)

It's not easy to achieve one goal properly.When you value that one goal and continue to practice it, you are more likely to achieve it. Timer 4 was created with this intention.

If you use each timer, it is optimized for what can be compared and viewed in different colors.


Click on that circle to see today's time-use properties. You can specify the My time > Time set in the menu.


Save time properties in My time. It is useful to specify a title that fits your purpose. This is because you can also separate data about properties.



It provides a new time management experience that you never had before.