Late Delivery Announcement

Dear Customers around the world,

We are very sorry to announce that we can not meet the delivery date we promised. 

We have prepared and produced the product as the number as the order we received from the website(

The productivty of the production was very different everyday. The workers had to improve productivity by building skills through long-term work, but due to recent 3rd Corona Virus wave in Korea, we had to run factory in shifts.

Also, we found some of the color plate of the products were a bit imbalanced, which can cause errors when using it.

So we decided to change the design of the color plate and inside of the product to solve potential errors(color plate disorder).

We only shipped to the customers in USA. other products will be shipped out at least 22nd of January. We will keep update the ongoing works.

Once again, we are very sorry for this announcement.

P.S. For those who left inquires on our CS mail, and Instagram or other channels, we will try to reply all emails we got as soon as possible.

team mineetimer