Download the 'minee' app on your smartphone.


Insert 4 AAA batteries into the ‘minee’
The battery cover can be opend more easily by pushing the center of the back cover.


Select the time you want to focus on the app.
Customize your time list by simply add the time you want.


Tap the backside of your phone to the bottom of minee to set time.


To start, press top button once. minee will be slowly filled with the color with the LED lights on. When the color is full, LED turns off with the beep sound. minee will start count down your time from then on.


To pause, press top button while timer is on. LED light will be on with beep sound. To turn off LED light, press the button again to resume.


When the time is up, minee will give alarm with beep sound and LED feedback.


To rest the session, press the top button and hold for 3 seconds. minee will rewind the color quickly.