The list below is a list of devices that have been tested and verified for compatibility in the listed OS version and specifications. This is to inform you that the same model can be compatible with higher OS and other specifications. It is expected to be compatible if the parent model is not listed below.
Manufacturer Model Standard NFC location
SAMSUNG Galaxy J2pro J250 Center
Galaxy J3 SM-J330L Center
Galaxy J4+ SM-J415N App unavailable
Galaxy J5 (2016) SM-J510S Center
Galaxy J5 (2017) J530 Center
Galaxy J6 SM-J600L Center
Galaxy J6 (2018) SM-J600N Center
Galaxy J7 J700
Galaxy J7 (2016) SM-J710K Center
Galaxy J7 (2017) SM-J730K Top
Galaxy wclasse SM-G600S Center-Bottom
Galaxy wclasse2 SM-J727S Center
Galaxy wclasse3 SM-J737S Center
Galaxy wclasse4 SM-A205S Top
Galaxy S SHW-M110S No NFC
Galaxy S2 SHW-M250K App unavailable
Galaxy S2 LTE SHV-E110 App unavailable
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120S App unavailable
Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K Center
Galaxy S4 SHV-E300K2 Center
Galaxy S5 SM-G900L Center-Bottom
Galaxy S6 SM-G920L Center
Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925K Center
Galaxy S6 Edge+ SM-G928S Center
Galaxy S7 SM-G930K Center
Galaxy S7 Edge SM-G935S Center
Galaxy S8 SM-G950N Center
Galaxy S8+ SM-G955N Center
Galaxy S9 SM-G950N Center
USIM chips, instruments may not be compatible.
Galaxy S9+ SM-G965N Center
USIM chips, instruments may not be compatible.
Galaxy S10 SM-G973N Center
Galaxy S10+ SM-G975N Center
Galaxy S20e G970N Center
Galaxy A30 A305N Top
Galaxy A3 A300 Center
Galaxy A3 (2017) A320N Center
Galaxy A3 (2016) A310N Center
Galaxy A5 A500 Center
Galaxy A5 (2017) A520L Center
Galaxy A5 (2016) A510L Center
Galaxy A6 (2018) SM-A600N Center
Galaxy A7 A700 Center
Galaxy A7 (2016) SM-A710K Center
Galaxy A7 (2017) SM-A720S Center
Galaxy A7 (2018) SM-A750N Top
Galaxy A8 (2018) SM-A530N Center
Galaxy A8+ (2018) A730N Center
Galaxy A8 (2016) SM-A810S Top
Galaxy A8 A800S Top
Galaxy A8 star G885S Center
Galaxy A9 A920N Center
Galaxy A9 (2016) A9000N Center
Galaxy A9 pro G887N Top
Galaxy A90 SM-A908N Top
Galaxy A90 5G A908 Center
Galaxy A10 A105N Center
Galaxy A20e A202N Center
Galaxy A20 A205N Center
Galaxy A40 A405N Center
Galaxy A50 A505N Center
Galaxy A60 A606N Center
Galaxy A70 A705N Center
Galaxy Note SHV-E160S App unavailable
Galaxy Note2 SHV-E250L App unavailable
Galaxy Note3 SM-N900K App unavailable
Galaxy Note4 SM-N916L Center
Galaxy Note5 SM-N920L Center
Galaxy NoteFE SM-N935K Center
Galaxy Note8 SM-N950N Center
Galaxy Note9 SM-N950N Center
Galaxy Note10 SM-N971N Bottom
Galaxy Fold SM-F907N Right-Back sclasse
Galaxy on7 (2016) G610 Top
Galaxy on7 prime G611K Top
Galaxy on7 prime G611S Top
Galaxy Jean SM-A605K Center
Galaxy Jean (A6+) A605K Center
Apple iPhone SE (2016) A1662 App unavailable
iPhone 7 A1778 Camera sclasse Top
In the case of iPhone 7, there is a model that is not normally recognized.
iPhone 7+ A1784 Camera sclasse Top
In the case of iPhone 7+, there is a model that is not normally recognized.
iPhone 8 A1905 Camera sclasse Top
iPhone 8+ A1897 Camera sclasse Top
iPhone X A1901 Camera sclasse Top
iPhone XR A2105 Camera sclasse Top
iPhone XS A2097 Camera sclasse Top
iPhone SE2 (2020) Camera sclasse Top
LG LG Optimus G PRO LG-F240L Top
LG G Flex2 LG-F510L Bottom
LG G3 LG-F460S App unavailable
LG G4 LG-F500S Center
LG G5 LG-F700K Top
LG G6 LGM-G600K Center
LG G6+ G600SP Center
LG G7ThinQ G710 Center
LG G8ThinQ G820 Center
LG V10 LG-F600L Incompatible
LG V20 LG-F800S Top
LG V30 LGM-V300K Center
LG V35 V350N Center
LG V40 LG-F800S
LG V40ThinQ LM-V409N Center
LG V50 LM-V500N
Vega Lacer2 IM-A830S App unavailable
Optimus LTE3 LG-F260S App unavailable
Optimus 7 LG-E900
Q9 Q925 Center
X400 K121L Center
LG X4 LM-X410L Top
LG X5 LM-X510L Center
LG X6 LM-X625N Center
Xiaomi MI 5S MI 5S Top Corner
MI MAX2 MI MAX2 Incompatible
MI 9 Top
SONY Xperia X F3216 Front Top
Xperia XA F5122 Top
Xperia XZ G8142 Center
HUAWEI Mate 8 NST-L29 Incompatible
Y6 HX-SCL-L32 Incompatible
BeY HW-NNS-L62 Incompatible
P9 EVA-L09 Incompatible
P10 VTR-L29 Top
LENOVO PB2 Pro PB2-690M Incompatible
SKY SKT IM-100 IM-100K Center
TG RUNA TG-L800S Bottom